Ideas are vital.

Even in this age, when everyone has a videocamera in their pocket, ideas are still often transmitted in some form of the written word.

Of course, we all know the written word is flawed in many aspects. (Shh, don’t tell it I said that. I love it beyond measure, but even though nobody is perfect, nobody really wants to hear they’re not perfect, right?)

We’ve all had someone completely misinterpret an e-mail we sent, or say no to an excellent proposal, just because we didn’t come across right. And we’ll never know just how many people were this close to buying your product/hiring you for your expertise/sending you that introduction, only to be turned away by one stray word that triggered mistrust.

Of course, writing lacks the nonverbal communication that is supposedly 2/3rd of all information exchanged in a conversation (or whatever the stat may be this week).

But if you ask me, the biggest flaw in the written word is this: lack of feedback.

If I talk to you in real life, I can see if you’re getting me. If your answers no longer make any sense, that’s probably because my question didn’t make the same sense to you as it did to me. And we can look at each other goofily, and I can clarify.

In writing, like in card games, you only have one chance to get it right. Once your card is played, you can’t take it back – and once someone misunderstands an idea, you can’t take it back either.

I’m an editor. I’m the ace up your sleeve, the mirror positioned just right. But since writing is a collaborative endeavour – you want to be understood and people want to understand you – this isn’t cheating, but a thoughtful way to make everybody’s experience better.

So, please take a look at my services, and let’s Play Your Words Right!