About Me

Hi! Good to see you here.

My name is Maartje (pronounced like the month March with a soft ‘ah’ sound at the end, if you were wondering), and I’d like to officially welcome you to Play Your Words Right, the place where I make your texts shine and your ideas stand out.

Whatever kind of text you are writing, and no matter the level of confidence in your writing skill, you have biology to contend with.

The human brain, that wondrous network of interlinked circuits that enabled you to write in the first place, has a couple of talents that are extremely useful in some situations and extremely detrimental when you are writing.

Biggest culprit: We humans adapt.

We get used to things.

We get used to living situations, to the weather, to changes in our family situation. And to misspellings of its as it’s, subject-verb disagreements, and that one sentence we meant to re-write but never got around to.

We get used to knowing things, so that we can’t imagine that other people don’t know them.

In short, you – as a writer – can never read your own writings the way your readers will.

That’s where an editor comes in.

An editor is a neutral party.

I’m not the person you have to convince.

I am not the person with the hiring power, the grant money, or the executive decision. I’m not the person who is looking for a book for her grandchildren, for a good garage in the neighbourhood, or simply to learn more about you.

I’m not the person who is going to discredit your ideas (or worse, your character and intelligence) because your fingers or eyes were tired at 1 am.

I’m in your corner, with the crucial advantage that I’m not you. I will read your text with a fresh brain, find the spots where readers can get into trouble, knowing all the while that your ideas are up to snuff.

Whether you want the quick polish and extra professionalism a typo-free report provides or a sparring partner who sees structure in the quicksand of a very challenging project, I’m your woman.

Why me?

Not only have I always loved language, I’ve been working as an independent copywriter and editor since 2010, helping scientists, tech companies and universities get their messages across more clearly.

With my science background and general unbridled curiosity, I can read your text with an outside-in view and help you make sure that even people without as much expert knowledge as you still follow along with your arguments.

Let’s figure out the rules of the game you want to play, and let me help you Play Your Words Right.