I offer a variety of services that will help you get your ideas out and understood. Don’t know what’s right for you? Check out the short descriptions below. If you know what you want already, you can skip directly to the rates and methods or tell me what you need at the contact form!

Editing – Give your brain the gift of being right by hiring me to edit your piece – I’ll not only proof-read your text, but I’ll also sort out ambiguities, convert sentences from writer-brain structure to reader-brain structure where needed, and reformulate sentences accidentally abandoned mid-tweak. Read more>>

Scientific Editing – As a scientist, you care for one thing above all: your research. Publishing, while necessary, can also be an enormous hassle. Let me showcase your ideas for clarity and impact, so you can go back to what it’s all about. Read more>>

Text Development – So, you have a wonderful idea that needs to be put into words. You have made mindmaps and outlines and written a flurry of pieces here and there. And now you’re stuck. You have the sneaking suspicion that your structure isn’t leading you to your ending, or that your ideas don’t have the impact they should have. Let’s sort out those higher-order problems together with Text Development. Read more>>

Translation – Reach more people by speaking to them in their own language. I happily translate from English to Dutch, and will do the reverse for any text that’s not heavily localised. If you want me to translate a region-specific text from Dutch to English, I will call on my colleagues from the different native-English-speaking countries to get the regional idiom just right.

Copywriting – You don’t care about text, you just care about the benefits having a clear and compelling text will offer you. And you’ve got more important business to take care of than putting words in order. Let me do that for you – you say how you want to come across, and I help you make it real. Read more>>