Sometimes you just need text. For a website, a flyer, a brochure, or anything else. You can’t just give people an empty page, although that would be wonderfully easy.

But you don’t really care about text, let alone creating it. You care about the results: having clients find you, giving people the information they asked for, getting your name out so people get to know you.

So let me write the text for you: I’ll interview you thoroughly about the purpose of the text, who you are talking to, what your take-home messages are, how you want to present yourself to your readers, and everything else that matters. Then you can go do what you need to be doing, while resting assured that I’ll write your text according to your wishes.

Why me?

I’ve always loved to tailor my writing to the intended reader. Tone and style matters so much, and depend on who you’re talking to and what you want them to think of you.

In the past few years, I have written pieces for informational websites, popular scientific magazines, scientific articles and small businesses. And that’s just for other people.

I also have an avid interest in copywriting techniques and marketing – the ways you can help people like you and trust what you have to offer, without ‘selling out’, coming across like a fake or setting off alarm bells in your reader.


  • Initial interview – determining your wishes and needs
  • I write a first draft
  • Depending on the size and complexity of your project, we can get together during the writing of the first draft to discuss what came up
  • After I finish the first draft, I send it to you for revision
  • I implement the proposed revisions

In most cases, this will be the final result. If your project is complex, we can take this piece by piece. I do a maximum of three revisions on each piece of text – you can propose large revisions (structure and style) in the first round, and smaller revisions (facts, sentence structure, and so on) in every revision round.


Copywriting needs differ so much between clients that I always use a price estimate up front.

Before I send out a quote for copywriting, I will briefly interview you to inventory your wants and needs. For this interview I’m happy to drop by in person, talk to you on the phone or even send you my questionnaire per email.

Next step

Talk to me about your project – send me an e-mail or use the contact form. I’d love to hear what you have in mind.