Your text is shaping up really nicely, but you want to be sure you come across right to your readers. You’re the expert on what you’re writing about, after all, and experts tend to know more than they think they do!

I’ll edit your text line-by-line, to make sure your sentences flow with clarity and purpose.

The biggest factor in helping readers understand what you mean is feeding them the right information at the time their brains want to receive it, and to be absolutely clear how the new information relates to what you’ve already told them.

This is the hardest part of editing your own work – you know what you meant to say, so your brain doesn’t show you all the ways a fresh reader can misunderstand you!

That’s where an external editor comes in handy: I’ll make sure your text is fully reader-brain compatible. And don’t worry, I love a good author’s voice so I’ll make sure to keep all the good parts of the way you write! I know when to leave well enough alone.

In addition, you get all the benefits of having me proofread your text for spelling and typos – they’ll jump out at me anyway, so I’m not going to charge you any extra for fixing them.

Why me?

I’ve edited a wide variety of writings: essays, yearbooks, e-books, study manuals, bachelor theses, Master theses, PhD theses, job application letters, speeches, presentations, grant proposals, and what have you.

No matter what the project was, I always enjoyed it tremendously and loved taking the time to get to know the subject so I could propose more precise and insightful revisions.


Editing is my favourite thing to do. I love it so much that, when a deadline allows it, I often lose track of time when I’m doing it. That’s why I quote a price for the complete document, which I’ll discuss with you before we start.

Your advantage: you know exactly how much having your project edited will cost. No surprises because I found your subject so fascinating!

My advantage: I get to take the time to research whatever I need to best understand your topic, without feeling guilty for making your project more expensive or having to put the brakes on my curiosity. Added benefit for you: results will be better the more I research!

Next step

Send me your document through e-mail or through the contact form, or tell me how many words it is.

To estimate the time I need to edit your document, it is helpful if you mention the subject and target reader, as this matters a lot when it comes to tone, formality and information density. Also, if you tell me by when you would like to receive your edited document, I’ll see if I can fit you in.

Of course I will keep full confidentiality after receiving your document.

“But Maartje,” you say, “I believe you can edit most non-academic forms of text, but I’m writing about a tough subject, for critical readers! Tell me more about why you think you can help me.” Sure! For information on scientific editing, go here.