Scientific editing

You’re a scientist – you know the drill. The whole publish or perish thing has you writing more than you would really like.

You have a slew of experiments or surveys to analyse, but instead you are stuck going about irrelevancies like whether to use a comma before an ‘and’ or not.

Writing can be especially disheartening if you have to publish in a language that’s not your own. Native speakers always end up with an edge in the way they present their data, even though yours is just as interesting. They just sound more logical, somehow.

Let me edit your research papers, dissertation, or book chapters, so you can go back to doing what you really care about.

Why me?

English is my second language, so I know how you feel.

However, through my studies, living in Ireland, reading every English book I could get my hands on from the age of 11 onwards*, and my love of grammar and language, my English has become as good as or better than most native speakers’.

*Not quite true – I started James Joyce’s Ulysses when I was 20 or so, and gave up after three pages. I’m not counting it as a total loss, though, because I will go back to it one day.

I’m also a geneticist with a Master’s degree and five years of experience working in labs.

In other words, I know what it’s like to have a list of experiments, reviews and analyses as long as your arm waiting for you, but instead of getting to do them you have to sit down and write. I am well-trained in the scientific method, know how to do quick and thorough literature research and have a broad background. I’ve edited and reviewed dissertations, papers, grant proposals and essays on such varying subjects as geology, aerial imaging, criminology, microbiology, astronomy, educational science, video games and history – and, of course, my native developmental biology.

It is so useful to have someone with an educated mind but an outsider’s perspective review your writing to see where your expertise gets the better of you, and I can be that person for you.


Scientific pieces are very dense in information and much more exacting in their use of language, and it takes time to edit them well.

Of course, I will charge more for editing a scientific text than I would for editing a non-scientific text of the same length. This allows me to give your text the attention it needs, and to fact-check for extra security.

But you’ll agree with me on this: some things are worth doing right.

Next step

Tell me what you need edited through the contact form or through e-mail.

I need to know the number of words, what the purpose of the text is (scientific article, popular scientific press article, grant proposal, thesis, and so on), who will read it and when you need it done.

Also, tell me the level of editing you desire – simple proofreading or thorough restructuring where needed. I´ll get back to you as soon as possible with an quote and a deadlineestimate.

(Of course, and especially important when it comes to science, I’ll treat your document with the utmost confidentiality.)