Maartje’s scientific background and superb writing skills make her the ideal copy writer for our high-tech company. She is driven, flexible, reliable and really goes the extra mile to understand our product and the goals that we have with our marketing materials. I highly recommend her!

– Floor van de Pavert, CEO Single Quantum

So that article I hated? I love it now. Can’t recommend Maartje Gorte’s editing enough!

– Yael Grauer, Freelance writer

I know Maartje as a colleague, freelancer and friend. Maartje’s language skills are excellent. She knows how to write and edit texts into readable pieces with a clear message. She did good work on a technical translation job for COGEM, and followed the wishes of her customer. Her abilities, however, go beyond translating. She is interested and knowledgeable in many fields and listens well to her client. I highly recommend her services.

– Fenne Koning, COGEM

When I was writing my thesis, there was a point I could no longer see the forest for the trees and didn’t know where the story needed to go. Maartje helped me regain clarity. A text development session with her gave me clear, new insights and made sure I wasn’t stuck anymore. This helped me carry on with renewed courage.

Maartje is the only person who is allowed to see parts of my thesis before I consider them finished. She know how to give her (still critical) feedback in such a good and positive way that I get more confident and enthusiastic to continue. She has the curious talent to see the logic in the story and uncover arguments. On top of that, she recognises when arguments need more background information – information you have inside your head, but have forgotten to write down. Now, I happily send her my unfinished thesis pieces, because I know that’s just the thing to get me going!

Maartje is intelligent, great with words, and has an astonishing amount of knowledge about all sorts of subjects. If you’re stuck on a text, get Maartje to help and I’m sure you’ll quickly be able to get to work again.

– Chantalle Mouwer

Maartje helped me by editing my Master’s thesis on Geology. She helped me immensely with sorting out what I was trying to say, so that apart from some technical terms, everyone could understand it. The language in scientific texts should be clear even to people without specific knowledge. I tend to think more quickly than I write, which means half of my argumentation gets lost somewhere between my head and the paper. Maartje pinpointed these moments in my texts, and by asking questions and suggesting alternatives, she got understandable explanations out of me.

– Maaike van der Sluis, MSc