Here’s a sample of projects I worked on, sorted by type.


  • Web copy and print copy for SingleQuantum, a high-tech company that develops high-efficiency single photon detectors
  • Print copy for Delmic, a high-tech company that develops innovative microscopy technologies
  • Web copy for MDCfinancieelraadgever.nl, the website of an independent Dutch financial advisor

Editing and text development:

  • Several documents for Stichting Ontdekhoek Nederland, including their 2011 annual report
  • Several articles for Quantum Cinema, about art research and quantum physics
  • PhD and Master’s theses on various topics


  • Web copy for Flextron.nl, the website of Dutch recruitment bureau Flextron
  • Web copy for WijWonenDelft.nl, the website for the General Residents’ Organisation for students and young adults in Delft
  • Report for the Dutch government, written by the Netherlands Commission for Genetic Modification (COGEM), advising on site-directed mutagenesis

Grab a copy of my résumé here (PDF).